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Effortless Flutter analytics, user feedback, and customer satisfaction insights – all in one SDK.

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Ditch the bloat and frustration of Google Analytics!

Wiredash Analytics is the simple, powerful, and privacy-focused alternative for your Flutter apps.

Instantly gain essential insights without complex menus or custom reports.

Wiredash is open-source, EU-based, and complies with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR – removing the need for consent banners.

Did we mention it requires zero configuration?

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Our in-app feedback is effortless.

Frustrated users don't always give feedback, but giving them the right tools makes it easy. Use it for free – set up takes just three minutes in your Flutter app.

Collect bug reports, feature requests, and insights directly within your app.

Screenshot, annotate, and share, all without switching screens.

See up to 3x more user engagement compared to other tools.

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Live demo?

Wiredash runs everywhere where Flutter runs. Check out our sample Flutter app right in the browser and play around with the Wiredash SDK.


Loved by PMs.
Built for Developers.

Integrating the Wiredash SDK into your Flutter app is super easy and just a few lines of code. Compared to other solutions Wiredash can be completely configured within Dart and doesn't need any extra setup on the native side.

3 minute setup.
Start collecting feedback.

Integrating Wiredash takes less than minutes and you are ready to collect your first feedback. Try it out now!

Hundreds of stars.
Actively maintained.

Wiredash is actively maintained by a team of developers who love to help. Check out the open-source code on GitHub.


Understand your users' sentiment.

Gain valuable customer insights with our automated surveys. Use our integrated Promoter Score to track your app's quality.

Compare against previous versions, and make data-driven improvements.

Wiredash eliminates the hassle of building your own feedback system for different platforms.

It's just one line of code to start collecting actionable data.

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Ask the community.

@wiredashio must be the coolest shit I saw in a long time. It integrates feedback flow into Flutter apps. Absolutely ✨ seamless ✨ integration. Wonderful and intuitive in action. Feels like pure magic 🪄 #flutter #buildinpublic



Wiredash was a complete no-brainer from the first moment I heard of it! Integration was done in 5 minutes and I was collecting user feedback immediately after.
Dario Penic

Dario Penic


Today I got 3 suggestions from users for my #flutter Drumbitious app via @wiredashio! This really made me happy and helps me to know what users want/struggle with/which features are missing. Wiredash is integrated in the app so they can easily submit their suggestions 💪!



Let's go @wiredashio looking great on MacOS as well. Just added it to @testsweets_app the new update and website UI dope as hell 🔥
Dane Mackier

Dane Mackier


Zhihong Liu

Zhihong Liu


I believe that removing in-app analytics is the right thing to do, both ethically and practically. By using @wiredashio , I can still gather feedback from users while respecting their privacy and ensuring their personal information is not being used without their knowledge.
Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong


I added @wiredashio to one of my #flutter games this week, for analytics. Integration was a breeze: about 2 minutes!
Natalie Masse Hooper

Natalie Masse Hooper


We integrated @wiredashio into one of our client's apps and I gotta say: The implementation was seamless, the dashboard is intuitive amd everyone loves it! Our clients are blown away by how fast we could integrate it and their customers also praised how smooth it feels.
Simon Eckerstorfer

Simon Eckerstorfer


Cut the overhead, use @wiredashio.



Another "must have" tool in the #flutter tech-stack :). I loved it.
Melak Wubshet

Melak Wubshet


Your key to better Flutter apps.

Get user feedback, private analytics, and satisfaction monitoring in minutes. It's free.