About Us

Wiredash is brought to you by some of the earliest adopters and active members of the Flutter community. We build on top of one of the most innovative cross-platform frameworks on the market and hope to make your life easier along the way.

We love what we do and we do what our clients love.

At Wiredash we're trying hard to build an interactive feedback tool with the focus on the UX. For us, Flutter is a huge paradigm shift in how users can interact with an app - and we want to push those limits even further.

Frederik & Pascal, Founders of Wiredash

Power to the User

Netflix, Disney, Amazon – we've all heard the stories of companies going above and beyond to provide their users with incredible customer support. Jeff Bezos even called it the 'secret sauce' to their success. And it's easy to see why.

Companies that master customer focus commit to a healthy obession with their customers every need and desire. By putting your users in the center of everything you do, you begin to see the product through their eyes.

Here at Wiredash, we believe that customer obsession has to go beyond A/B testing and NPS scores. That's why we've set out to build the world's most user friendly way for customers and businesses to communicate with each other: fully in-app, cross-platform and 100% open source.

Stop building features you think your users may like and start collecting feedback and actively listen to it. Any company – no matter the size, location, or industry – can become customer obsessed. And so can you.

Meet. Wiredash. We make your Flutter apps fly.

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Early Adopters

Most of us here at Wiredash found out about Flutter when it was still in its early Alpha days. With our love for detail and passion for beautiful, well-crafted UX we soon realized that Flutter was going to forver change the way that modern UIs are built.

Curious to see how far we could take some of the new, cutting-edge UI concepts in Flutter, we set out to build the platform's first built-in, interactive feedback tool. After publishing an initial proof of concept on Twitter in early 2019, we knew we were onto something.

The idea to report bugs, collect feedback and have real-time conversations with users without them having to leave the app instantly seemed like a real game changer. Our aim is no less than to to revolutionize the way businesses connect with and understand their mobile audience. And we'd love to take you along for the ride.

Wiredash is the first real multi-platfrom feedback tool which is also a delight to use. Using Flutter and Wiredash together is a no-brainer for me.

Gavin Belson, CEO at Hooli